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  • Hooked on phonics
  • One on one tutoring
  • Potty training
  • Night-care
  • Promotes reading and early literacy skills
  • Provides Transportation
  • Weekly Outdoor excursions
  • Child-Family Behavior Therapist, on staff
  • Social Development growth opportunities
  • Technology Capabilities

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a safe, healthy environment
  • Provides a variety of learning styles
  • Provides Quality Childcare
  • Responsive needs to the child and family
  • Common Core Ready, Pre-K


Where your child is number one!

Chrissy's Lullaby Nursery curriculum reflects the centrality of adult/child interaction in the development of infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school age children.

About us...

We are family owned home daye care where be believe in providing quality based care and education to all children and families.  Chrissy's Lullaby Nursery (CLN) has been in care for 16 years and continues to be passionate about healthy child development. We have been operating for the past 16  years. Chrissy holds a current degree in Early Childhood Education and Development. 

Chrissy's daycare has been successful in laying a foundation for children to lead fulfilling lives and become responsive, productive citizens. We prepare your children for life beyond preschool. 

CLN is a structure program that caters to each child's need.  CLN serves to make the child and their family the #1 priority.  We strive to work with the families' needs and help them to identify how children develop and learn through developmentally appropriate practice.  Our model is known for its nursery school performance and its developmental approach; through structure curriculum, social development, cognitive development etc.

The nursery teaches infants through toddlers with tender loving care in a nurturing environment to give them a good foundation for later life.  The infants thru toddlers programs cater to the children's needs through tender loving affection and nurturing to help the child to respond in a positive manner.  It also focuses on the desire to identify and prevent health problems and to enhance children's physical and mental development.

The developmental approach focuses on each individual child characteristics of development.  The program identifies the individual differences in the child. 

Most children are in three basic categories:

#1- The Easy Child

#2- The Difficult Child

#3- The Slow to warm-up Child 

CLN focuses on personality and behaviour and teaches each child on their level to enhance their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development through a variety of different techniques.

We are always eager to serve you and your family. Ask us how we can be of service to you. You'll love our answer and quality service.

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