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Our Curriculum

Introducing a structured curriculum that consists of play, activities, and materials that enhances all developmental areas.

Circle Time

  • Discuss how to treat each other
  • Talk group for older children
  • Reading
  • Go over spelling words for older children


  • Hooked On Phonics
  • Story Times
  • Alphabets
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Writing Skills
  • Numbers
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Spanish
  • Outside play and Inside play
  • Computer Lessons
  • One on one teaching when needed

Music Play

  • Engage in rhythmic activities
  • Engage in singing
  • Use musical instruments, audio equipment, cassettes, compact disc's and music videos
  • Encourage expression through creative movement and dance

Messy Play

  • Play at the sensory table with a variety of accessories including such things as containers and tools to scoop
  • Engage infants by encouraging sensory exploration

Creative Play

  • Allow the children to draw and paint what they want
  • Allow the children to tell us what they want to make and what they want to use
  • Offer increasing complexity in manipulative materials

Pretend Play

  • Provide opportunities to learn through pretend play experiences
  • Provide play experiences for children to learn the functions of objects such as the housekeeping and transportation areas
  • Stimulate imagination through drama such as kitchen sets with accessories and dolls and doll beds
  • Provide dress-up clothes hung on safe hooks, plus a mirror
  • Provide accessories for transportation play, such as cars and trucks and pretend roads including small blocks

Gross and Fine Motor Play

  • Arrange physical space so children have space to roll over, crawl, walk and test new movement skills
  • Provide opportunities for infants and toddlers to learn through active exploration
  • Provide low climbing structures that are well-padded and safe for exploration
  • Provide safe, large materials for stacking, such as blocks
  • Change the play for infants by frequently changing their positions or moving them to new locations
  • Change or rotate objects to challenge infants and toddlers to explore
  • Encourage movement and playfulness
  • Participate in children's physical activity with them
  • Model interactions that guide children's safe, active indoor and outdoor play
  • Provide time for children to demonstrate and practice new skills
  • plan experiences for developing motor skills and physical strength through repetition of actions
  • Help children to understand safety rules
  • Provide pegs, puzzles and blocks organized into containers so that the children can begin their play by learning the concept of in and out as they manipulate small materials

Problem Solving Play

  • Rotate the selection of toys to provide a variety of new experiences
  • Offer a variety of problem situations to extend children's objects
  • Plan experiences for children to learn the properties of objects
  • Provide opportunities for children to learn about beginning number concepts
  • Make toys available on open shelves so children can make their own selection
  • Provide table games for older children
  • plan activities that engage children to solve their problems in a positive way
  • Provide toys responsive to child's actions